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Lyft Fires a Cleveland Driver When She Defended Herself With a Gun Out Of Car-jackers

From Brandon Curtis

A Ride-share employee is looking for a new job after being Chased by Lyft.

The business chose to sever ties following the motorist, Cynthia Norman, found two men in their 20’s who tried to carjack her. Lyft did not fire because of this attempted car jacking, but rather because she used her legally-owned firearm to shield herself against the 2 attackers.

“I had to struggle these two men. I’d one choking me by the trunk,” Norman told a reporter during a meeting.


Norman explained one different passenger, dividing Lyft’s COVID-19 protocol,” insisted on sitting at front chair.

She said he started punching her in the face like the person from the back seat choked her.

She had been also driving a rental car and refused to back .

“They did not understand I had been going to struggle ,” she explained.

At there, she caught her handgun which has been at the centre console and began shooting. While authorities are not positive if those were struck, it did ship them successfully ended the strike. After successfully protecting himself, Norman drove into the police station to let them understand exactly happened.

Predictably, Lyft stands with their own decision to prohibit Norman from forcing to its ride-share services.

Our”No Weapons” policy applies whenever you’re conducting business for being a representative of Lyft, including times that you’re pushing for Lyft, in addition to times that you’re seeing a Lyft Hub.

this implies that in regions where it’s legal to transport a weapon, so we still ask that you don’t take a weapon onto any Lyft property.

Lyft and also Uber possess no-firearms policies to get their drivers in addition to passengers. Less deadly personal defense solutions are illegal by the 2 organizations. Both have fired most of those within time when they’ve defended themselves from abusive passengers. All these ride-share organizations would prefer to take their chances of potential employees, as if a person goes , they are able to seek the services of one hundred longer.


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