The Slingshot is a fully portable giant catapult that propels passengers over 200 feet or 70 meters at speeds in the region of 100 MPH or 160 kilometers per hour.

You will experience over 4 G's on take off. After somersaulting over at the maximum height, you will be accelerated back towards the earth in a giant face plant before the huge spring machine catch the ball and whip it back up again, somersaulting again as you bounce up and down!

Our customers range from 10 year olds to 70+ years young, who are wanting an Adrenalin pumping ride.

The twin neon-lit towers of Tumons top white knuckle ride beckon from miles around inviting you to experience an Adrenalin rush like no other as a giant catapult hurls you into the air at a gut wrenching 160 km per hour – 5G of acceleration – now that really is a Slingshot!

Even better, you can buy a DVD of your ride of a lifetime just to prove to your friends back home that you've done it. With trampolines and climbing wall also on site, and refreshments available, the Slingshot is fun for all the family, young and old.

Hours Open Daily 10am-12am

Our professional crew maintain a high standard of equipment, training schemes and procedures ensure that we will keep you safe. We’ve got the experience to back ourselves, with more than 30,000 shots on Guam and over 1 million Slingshots in over 20 years of business worldwide!.

Each rider must maintain in an upright seated position with their back against the seat back during the duration of the ride and their arms, hands, legs, and feet inside the ride vehicle at all times.